Monday, March 10, 2008

This has been saved as a Gouache Demo painting - 16 mins long. I will break this into several parts so it can be uploaded. As it stands it is 254 mb. 3 parts should work.
Coming Soon!

'Storm Castle' 5x7 gouache


Brian said...

Can't wait to see it all.

Justin Ridge said...

Wow-- can't wait to see it too!

Jeff (trout bum) said...

Breakout the popcorn, brushes and gouache!


AlexTuis said...

I do not understan how you are doing to make something so interesting in only 16 mins.

I really love the Beirstatd or Moran influence behind.
Love the part (at left) at the base of the threes and the skie.

Thanks for this scan

Richard said...

Excellent stuff, Erik, keep it coming.

smoothatwork said...

Nice! I love the way your work contains these pool of lights to attract the eye.
I was wondering..I've seen the other video's and it would be nice if you can have them be downloadable as quicktimes. Would like to have them to refer to from time to time.
p.s. you might consider producing a dvd of a few pieces (digital & traditional) and sell it on your website.
I would definatly buy one! I'd be surprised if Gnomon hasn't approached you yet.
Thx again! Keep up the great work.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Just wonderful, beautiful strokes and light. What brand gouche do you use? Thanks for sharing.

Craig Mackay said...

Awesome demo! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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thanks teacher Tiemens! :)

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Web Designer said...

wow, very beautiful painting

Anonymous said...