Monday, August 22, 2011

Workshop Coming Up!

My Mendocino Gouache & Watercolor workshop is just around the corner. Please sign up soon: it's the weekend of September 17-18, 2011. Besides demonstrating my painting approach and how to tackle the local coastline and other landscape features, I will also be able to look at portfolios and give feedback on all aspects of your work.

Workshop Info

I also wanted to share that there are special discounts at local inns- just ask the Mendocino Art Center: 1-800-653-3328 ext. 10

*The sepia image is a recent digital painting exploring an invented Italian harbor, in the spirit of the Dutch Italianates.


Ben J Greene said...

Whew, epic.

Valery Zrazhevskiy said...

Great picture. I`d like to go on your workshop.:-)

Thomas Brissot said...

Great "digital invention". Did you plan the use of the diagonal (from top left to bottom right) to divide the ground and the sky?
Anyway, great ambiance, i often go to the Louvre and your piece could easily fit also in the french the paysages (Vernet, le lorrain etc..).
Congratulations !

Finnian Beazlie said...

Hi Erik, I have signed up for your workshop. I heard about you from John Clapp at SJSU several years ago and have been following your blog ever since. I am looking forward to meeting you!

E.Tiemens said...

Hi Thomas and Finnian.

Thanks for signing up for the workshop Finnian! It should be a blast and it is well worth the journey as the coast of Mendocino is unique and very inspiring. I will be happy to go over any questions you have about technique and approaches to painting with you. John Clapp and I went to Art Center a while ago, fantastic figure drawings he creates.


Thank you so much for the feedback, and wow you are lucky one to live near the Louvre, I have museum envy! Your work by the way is excellent in the references you make to the past, I will follow your future creations.


proconpictures said...

I wish I could come to your workshop. Maybe in the future...