Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank you for those who attended my Watercolor & Gouache workshop last week. It was an excellent group of artists and I had the best time! Here is one of my demos of a Mendocino Cypress tree study. An old dilapidated fence rested at the base of the trunk, almost like a faint attempt at holding up the 100 year plus tree. We sketched outside and then carried on in the studio with painted value and color work.

Watercolor burnt umber with Sepia ink. Touches of dip pen work, and a Derwent Inktense pencil (Outliner) used for blocking in the shapes. In addition, white gouache and chinese white watercolor were used for the sky and foreground details. 6.5" x 9" on warm gray smooth card paper.


enb said...

Lucky ducks all you who were able to attend.
Lovely sketch as always Erik.

DSM said...

My old stomping grounds; I had a studio on Kasten St. 'Long summers here in Key West make me remember
the fog and trees.

Thomas Denmark said...

It was a great workshop. The demos showing how to work with gouache and watercolor together were inspiring. Makes me want want to work more with traditional mediums! thanks!

Richard Piloco said...

Hey, Nice work! Great idea..the sketchtravel book, Hope it does well.