Monday, June 04, 2012

Workshop 2012

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended the Gouache & Watercolor workshop over the weekend. What a fantastic gathering of talented artists! It was a pleasure to teach in San Francisco and I welcome others to join future workshops. I used a high resolution projector to display a few demos as seen in the stills here as well as spontaneous brush doodles and color theory samples I taped up on the wall. There was also a comprehensive survey of watercolor and gouache art to inspire and adventures outside on our sketching 'field trip'. Stay tuned for future workshops, which could include figure/head painting themes and combining traditional mediums with digital painting. This can be very helpful in your workflow for concept art; avoiding the increasingly robotic look of 'photo-real' cg renderings that takes the individual artist out of the mix.


Unknown said...

Awesome ! I will do this workshop one day !
I love the sketch by the way :)

Phattro said...

It was a wonderful learning experience and meeting many talented artists...The live-cam painting demo was really helpful to see how you approach different methods.

Thank you for a great workshop! Looking forward to the future class.


Valery Zrazhevskiy said...

Your work is really beautiful.Keep up this awesome blog! :)

E.Tiemens said...

Thank you Thomas and Valery for your feedback!

Pat, you are so welcome. I was happy to have artists like yourself join in on the gouache weekend. I'm already planning a digital/gouache concept art flow class for the Fall - stay tuned.

JimmyG said...

I'm really glad I took this workshop, you opened up new ways for me to play with and explore w/c and gouache. Perfect timing too, as the last few days of gorgeous clouds up in Marin have been screaming at me to paint. Thanks again Erik!

E.Tiemens said...

Thanks so much Jimmy for being part of a great weekend workshop! Fantastic clouds today, I agree. So much to capture out there.

Unknown said...


reiterating what other participants have said, many thanks for the excellent workshop. i came out tired but inspired! thank you for your generosity - looking forward to the next!

E.Tiemens said...

Wonderful to hear that you had a great experience at the workshop Anselm. I appreciate your feedback and I will focus on creating more workshops that are helpful to traditional and digital artist!

Serafina said...

Hi Erik,

What an inspiration it was to be in
your workshop last weekend.
Thank you so much for your gifts of showing us how to play with nature's beauty and opening our eyes to the many approaches,we as painters, can make.

Look forward to your next workshop!


JOSE said...

I wish I could attend your next workshop on digital painting, though its not possible because I live in Europe. Have you considered filming the demos? maybe have a link to buy the video for 5 or 10 dollars, like stand up comedians are doing with their specials nowadays. ( Louis CK, Aziz ansari, Jim Gaffigan)