Thursday, August 02, 2012

Coastal Fog - It must be August!

Sketching near the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco today - super foggy! Red nasturtiums growing near the base of a cypress tree partially covered in ivy. Watercolor with small additions of gouache white mixed with transparent watercolor washes. 9x12" Arches cold press paper.


Andy Balmet said...

Some Shrunkenheadmen and I from San Jose State were there painting yesterday! Right next to the golf course.

en_b said...

I know that exact spot, not to mention this particular paiting of yours is of my favorites youve done. Really nice. Cheers

LG said...

Its almost like having two characters interacting. In this one we have one fat and one thin, on the previous post two embracing one another? makes so much more sense, does this helps you coming up with composition instead of trying to frame a chaotic world of branches? hehe, thank you Erik, i spend hours looking at your images, lovely stuff!

Thomas Brissot said...

I love this one. Do you remember when your passion for trees and earth started ? (for me it comes back to early childhood when your world is basically the ground)

E.Tiemens said...

Interesting observation about the trees, they are really like beings, creatures with body language and presence. Thanks for the feedback!

Thomas- When I was young I grew up in a redwood forest in Northern California, and it was the dominate feature in my landscape and imagination. The lack of light made me more aware of the presence and movement of light and shadow. One thing I remember clearly is the sound of rain in the forest, there would be this shift of bigger - louder drops outside the tree canopy on plants below and then a subtle quiet near the base of these massive tree trunks, cushioned by the thick mulch.