Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gouache and watercolor fog study of Angel Island. 9"x21"

Private Collection


XaviC said...

I like a lot the colors you use, in this type of landscape paintings. Really I prefer the traditional media. It depends the work to do.

Nice to see your recent works!

Erik said...

This one is really nice, I esp enjoy the hill side lost in the frog. Just enough information to give us the hint..
gah! awesome.

Ushuaia said...

Wide screen is an unusual format in landscape painting but you made the most of it. Impressive brush work too.

andy said...

Beautiful painting, really great atmosphere! All of you paintings here are a huge inspiration, thanks for sharing :)

Rollx said...

I like pictures like this. With not so many objects that can trapp the eyes. A refreshing picture with lots of space, a freedom for the eyes.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Keep em coming. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful fog and mist, abiguity, balanced with the right amount of color intensity for detail. I really like this one.