Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last weekend I sketched a scene in watercolor and gouache on coldpress watercolor paper. The view looking out over the Richardson Bay, part of the San Francisco Bay is always interesting from this elevation. It was amazing as the Blue Angels were flying by for Fleet Week while I was painting. My mind was contemplating the slow moving watercolor washes while the hum of loop to loops danced above me. I of course dropped everything to climb up a park slide ladder to get a better view of the jets. Sort of distracting for painting, but darn entertaining. The hills of Sonoma dissolving in the far distance had a pink grey quality to it, which I used to unify the piece. The size was just under 12x18 inches. About two hours was the time line in creating the image - then things were getting a bit dark as the sun was sinking behind the hills.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful feedback on previous posts for this blog. I will try and keep it going with more sketches now and then.

- Erik