Sunday, November 19, 2006

I recently saw a Claude Lorrain (b.1600) drawing and painting exhibit at the San Francisco Legion of Honor museum. Beautiful, glowing ink washes of tree groves are my favorites. He also did a series of invented seaports. Some of the tonal wash drawings displayed churned up seas under the wrath of a stormy sky. Lorrain was a big influence on Turner. The digital sketch here, in progress is exploring high contrast, sunset lighting against a moody mid-ground. I hope to have a bit more free time to refine this concept more. (links to Lorrain images) Check out the British Museum link. They loaned their work out of drawings to the SF show.


Sunil Pant said...

Hey Eric-
Real nice study!Wonder if the show on Claude Lorrain in the legion of honor museum is still on.
You mentioned, churned up seas under stormy weather- check out Christopher Blossoms work- absolutely stunning and stormy seas is his area of interest
here's the link-
Hope you like it..
again-Great Study!
thanks for sharing-
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Great mood and subtle form indications .
Love it Eric . Cheers for the info as well .

Clive said...

Wow, just found this blog; lovely stuff; love the 19th century feel to your own work and no surprise you work in film. And there below images of Vancouver airport as well; the location of many a boring wait for me over the years!

Braden Matt said...

Yes, indeed the masters are the best source of inspiration and it's very evident of your interest in them. Very nice study. Can't wait to see it finished.

Adam Ford said...
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mackenzie said...

hi erik,
It's been a long time since we talked. Your work is looking amazing as always. All of us in the Blue Sky Art Dept were drooling over the paintings done in the airport.
I hope everything out in N.California is going well.
Dice and Jun say hi.

Wendee said...

I've stumbled upon your blog and have found myself thinking, "Oh wow". What lovely work. Please do share more - - finished or not, digital, traditional, doodles, or just words. Everyone loves to see the process as well as the work. Thanks for sharing.

Shane Pierce said...

I really like this one - the warm yellows and then cool greens really create a nice feel - simply amazing