Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I just wanted to mention I will be giving a workshop this weekend
(June 15, 2008) in Hollywood, California with the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.
Many talented folks who I have worked with and are friends with
will be presenting too. Should be fun. I hope to see you there if you are in the area.

I am doing a workshop this October in Northern California (Mendocino) also.
This will have more of a focus for fine artists and concept artist who
want to improve their sketching skills and how to work with gouache and watercolor
in the planning stages for more finished work.


Erik D. Martin said...

That was an amazing workshop event- Thanks for sharing your process Erik!

Craig Mackay said...

Beautiful pieces. Best of luck with the workshops.

Alexander said...

nice man . I like your style with gouache...!!!!
Good work

E.Tiemens said...

Thanks E.Martin, I really had a fun time doing a live gouache painting demo, and sharing the process of creating quick thumbnail sketches. In our digital age it was nice to get positive feedback from those attending and opened to these ancient mediums. I also worked on a DVD down in LA, so hopefully in the not too distant future I will have the process explained in greater detail.

All the best,

Erik Tiemens

Unknown said...

beautiful painting!

Unknown said...

wish I could have been there. I would have loved to see you paint live! Beautiful as always.