Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gouache & Watercolor class Part II. (two images are from last year's class, the stormy cliff sketches and wide format gouache/wc image.

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DSM said...

My dad and (even I) taught at the Art Center and I took my first class there in 1965; I'm 56 now! Looks like the studios are holding up with plastic(!) additions.

Though I'm in Key West now, I still dream at least once a week about the town and have gone back occassionally.

On another tangent ( as I write from central Florida) :you would have loved the storm that blew through yesterday after I logged off your site. The 75 foot oaks swayed and spewed leaves as hundreds of birds flew over to get out of the way of green/pink clouds with dangerous-looking twister appendages. I thought of your stormier work as I huddled on the porch to watch the sky-show. Bravo!