Monday, December 03, 2012

New California Landscapes: Terry Miura & Erik Tiemens - Now Showing -

What a fantastic evening this past Saturday was. I want to send out a hearty thanks to all who attended the opening at the Holton Studio Gallery – even though we were about to get the "atmospheric river" of rain later that night! I'm pictured here below with master frame maker and gallery owner Tim Holton (left) and my fellow Art Center classmate Terry Miura (center). I saw many friends and talked with some extraordinary people which I enjoyed a great deal. The show will be up till January.

Tim Holton's superb framework harmonized beautifully with my interest in Dutch landscape painting from the 17th century while still having a California spirit to them.


Luis Gama said...

Amazing works, to be honest, for the 1st time i had this realization of the frames as "windows" that represent a portal to another world, to the view of the artist. The border between reality and art.


E.Tiemens said...

Thanks so much LG! The artwork really came into focus with the framing, giving it dimension and depth to the pieces.