Sunday, January 20, 2013

High Surf in Gouache

Painting in gouache and watercolor along the coast today. High surf conditions made for some beautiful fanning off the tops of the crashing waves. 4" x 9" - Sennelier hot press paper block. A few brave souls surfed well beyond the chop. I sighted a whale as well.

Big thanks for those who have signed up for the upcoming workshop. If you are thinking of signing up, please do!! March 9-10, 2013.


Agapetos said...

Wonderful painting! The colors of the sea are great!

I would love to see a short video of how you paint a scene outdoors — not a tutorial video; just a sequence of progression shots.

Koen Ivens said...

the light in the waves is beautifully done /as is all the rest)

kathy said...

Love your work, a video would be wonderful. You tube or a DVD to purchase, Please!!