Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Fog

Rapid watercolor and gouache landscape study. It was interesting to to see the frosted cream colored glass lamps be the lightest value in the scene and the grass beaming an intense viridian green under the overcast sky. This was painted in the spirit of the Dutch – Hague school (extreme in its greyness).  Starting with a cool grey gouache base I worked over this with additional washes and color notes.

Fluid brand watercolor paper block –cold press –  4 x 8 inches.

Finding the fog and wind was not hard today at Golden Gate Park, and wow it started to get cold. My daughter worked alongside me wearing a winter coat to brave the elements. This would be her second run with oil paints; using a small pochade box I gave her for her birthday as a mobile art studio. Once she was finished she was running around and rolling on the grass! How great to be seven.


L Rossi said...

You mean you don't still roll around in the grass after you've finished working? ;)
Exquisite painting as usual.

Matt Gaser said...

Nice work Erik, really nice! I have a 2and half year old daughter. Looking forward to moments like this in the future:)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tiemens, Your work is excellent. I love seeing the gouache studies- and your efficient and brilliant handling of light and color in that medium. Thank you, I look forward to seeing more.


E.Tiemens said...

Thank you Jack, Matt and L Ross! I have recently been creating custom palettes with watercolors poured into to full and half pans... More to share soon.
- Erik