Thursday, October 31, 2013

Morning Fog Dissolves Away

A recent watercolor study of mist and fog, created in the morning light near Sausalito, CA.
5"x7" - Fabriano hot pressed paper. It was interesting working with more granular pigments (Daniel Smith - Lunar Blue W/C ) in the washes, which adds a bit of character to the surface.


Sasha Beliaev said...

I enjoy reading your blog, thank you. It's a pleasure to see professional work - a somewhat rarity these days. I'm facsinated by your alla prima approach.

We were taught to work in that strict academical (Italian; warm to cold/light to shadow/heavy to light pigments, with the exeption of cobalts -- unlike the English one where they kill the paper with "shadows" first) manner used mostly for the 19th century architrectural renderings (like those of Ecole des Beaux Arts). Where the work is rigorously planned in advance (layers and all) and no improvisation is allowed (the drawing is traced, paper is stretched on board, no eraser to avoid damaging paper, no wash-offs).
Anyways, thanks again.

E.Tiemens said...

Hi Sasha,
Thank you for the informative feedback regarding your experience and knowledge of watercolor history. On the opaque front, I still want to try gouache painting on true goat vellum one of these days - in the manner of Marco Ricci.

- Fantastic concept work Sasha!