Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Experimental composition with Prussian blue under painting and additions of India ink - pen work. Zinc white gouache was used to build up opaques. This is a hybrid of English and Dutch landscape influences from the 1600's to 1800's. (6x9 inches on Cold press W/C paper)

I will be going over techniques in my class this weekend on how to improve usability of outdoor rapid sketches and employing them in the studio for more elaborate small format paintings that capture complex lighting situations.


Unknown said...

you have a class? Wish I could get over there for it! I like how you adapt your methods to your influences, yet still retain your feeling! Love it as always.

Valery Zrazhevskiy said...

I really like your painting. It's just a class!!!


This process is taking on a wonderful life of it's own. Although geography and a few hundred bucks keeps me from attending your class, I'd love to know more.

Are there any resources you would suggest?

Gregory Becker said...

I love it. I am working on applying these sensibilities to oils. I'm starting to make some progress. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jesse Winchester said...

Stunning work! I am enthralled with the sense of mood and atmosphere in your paintings.

I will be back frequently for more inspiration.

Amaroo said...

Amazing stuff here... love the colors and the intensity of the scene.

M Denmark said...

Terrific workshop Erik. It's great seeing your sketches posted in person!I'm so glad Thomas and I were able to take this class. We're so inspired to go out more on location, rain or shine! ;)

Julia Lundman said...

Hi Erik! I wrote about your workshop on my blog. I was so inspired by your enthusiasm and approach to painting/sketching! I hope to take your workshop again in the future. I will definitely be making many a trek up to Mendocino for more extended studies. What an amazing place!

Thanks for a great workshop experience!


E.Tiemens said...

Thanks so much for the positive feedback on the workshop M.Denmark and Julia. It was completely fun for me to share the potential of gouache and watercolor for the class. I agree, that visiting a new area and letting a place inspire you makes all the difference. I will post some demo stills this week from the gathering.

I've been getting a lot of interest for a workshop near the Bay Area too, maybe Half Moon Bay could be cool and not too far. Another spot for folks in LA is Morro Bay, not a super long drive for both areas. Just brainstorming here, any suggestions appreciated.

All the best,