Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Workshop - October 20-21, 2012 - SF

Greetings everyone and happy summer- There will be a new Gouache & Watercolor painting workshop this fall - October 20-21, 2012 at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA. Besides covering essentials of these wonderful mediums, I will also be covering a digital workflow, using your scanned or photographed sketches/paintings and how to take them further with digital painting using Photoshop and Painter software. For those who attended the June workshop this year, this could be thought of as part two! No worries if you missed the earlier one or haven't used these mediums, I will cover the basic foundations again as well as new ground and also focus on individual requests; so you get the most out of the weekend workshop. Sign Up Here! Above is a recent gouache and watercolor painting - 5x7" on hot press Fabriano block paper. An invented oak tree view with a hint of the dry California summer hills in the distance.


Alexander said...


Unknown said...

Georgeous painting !

I have a technical question : I always thought you were only using Painter. What do you use Photoshop for ?

E.Tiemens said...

Thanks Alexander! Hope you can make it to the workshop in October.

Thomas: great question in regard to Painter and Photoshop, I mostly use Painter, but also do my final color, value adjustments in Photoshop. I find the adjustment layers very helpful and larger custom brushes seem to be much more stable in PS. I do love the artistic quality of Painter though and the blending is excellent as well as the go to brushes. Huge topic really.

Unknown said...

I've been disappointed with painter's performance and frustrated by the robot approach of photoshop for years.
I basically use painter when I don't know where to go and want to be inspired by the "medium". And photoshop for me is more for the actual carefully mastered process of painting (I used to work in acrylics, layer by layer much more than oil wet into wet so it might be an explanation).
I wanted to share this link
Sorry for the advertisement, but theese tools and brushes for photoshop have really helped me use the software in a very natural and free way. So it could be helping other people. (and no, I don't take any commission or anything, just found it cool to find a guy that solves some of my daily problems )

E.Tiemens said...

Thomas -Interesting to see the photoshop brushes, nice selection of Animation/comic book style looks to them. Thanks for sharing.


Luis Gama said...

Erik , brilliant work again, i have one question, while painting the tree foliage do you use the same method of hair? Meaning big shapes to establish the form and then adding little leaves here and there? Thanks

E.Tiemens said...

Hi LG,

Thanks for the feedback.
In regard to painting hair, there are a lot of similarities to the crazy mass of leaves on a large tree as there are with hair. I usually use a larger brush to get the general light and dark side of the tree foliage shape and then hint at the complexity with lost and found edges and a few areas of contrast with leaf clusters - catching light.
Hope that helps a bit.


Luis Gama said...

Thank you very much Erik, i often feel overwhelmed while trying to portrait vegetation :)